Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alex's Birthday

Where have the past 11 years gone? I cannot believe Alex is 11 tomorrow. He is such a great kid, brilliant, sweet, and just a bit feisty.

I remember the day he was born quite well. His older brother, Joey, was 2.5 and in preschool. My DH and I went to pick up Joey at the end of preschool, right around lunchtime. I was due with Alex in a week. We argued as we pulled up as to which parking space to park the car in. My DH told me to stop telling him what to do, he was perfectly capable of choosing a good parking space. Ok, I relented, secretly thinking that I would have parked somewhere else.

DH got a cell phone call and I went into the school to get Joey. When I came out there is total chaos. Apparently another Mom, had driven recklessly through the parking lot, and ran over the sidewalk, into trees and flower, missing some children just barely. The scariest part, she hit 3 cars, right where I HAD WANTED TO PARK! I was so freaked out, we could have been hit, or our car would have been hit, or Joey could have been hit.

Yup, the contractions began, and got stronger and stronger. This crazy event put me right into labor. Labor continued and we drove right to my parents house 30 minutes away. We stayed there a very short time, then drove right to the hospital where I was also born.

Alex was a very sweet baby. Joey was jealous of him right from the start.

Alex loves to read. He reads with passion. He tells me all about each book as he finishes it. Alex loves to read series of books so that the story can continue. Alex can easily read a 400 page book in a weekend.
Alex also loves video games, and cooking.
Alex is turning into a lovely teen right before my eyes.
I love that Alex did not want to go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday , he wanted a home cooked meal by me.
I love you Alex.

Friday, September 11, 2009

more on sickness

Well my 13 year old is sick. This is causing the entire house to be on edge and out of whack. When J is sick we all suffer, and do I mean suffer.

Lets start at the beginning. Joey felt fine yesterday, went on a bike ride after school, ate 3 pieces of pizza, did his homework. Normal day. Then went to bed, all normal.

J wakes up this morning, comes downstairs coughing, saying his throat hurts. I say, does it hurt like a strep throat. No he answers. Then he tells me a long story, that while he was brushing his teeth, he by accident squirted the water pick at his throat and since then his throat has been hurting very badly. He ate half a bagel and seemed pretty normal. Off to school he went.

No calls from the nurse(which he did almost weekly last year, for every hangnail, headache, or bump). My husband picks him up and he is hysterical, crying, completely out of control. I am on speakerphone listening and I am horrified. He says he felt terrible all day. Uh, why did you not go to the nurse? He says he was awake all night the night before with a sore throat, uh did you forget to say that this morning?? And he did not eat or drink all day. I tell him that he should go right to the drs office before they close. He starts to cry and scream more, no doctor, I am fine. You are fine, yeah right, and I am the queen of scotland.

So I hang up and call the dr and they say he can come in asap. J comes home, coughs all over everyone, spits all over, blows his nose and snot goes flying, and then says he is still not going to the dr. Yeah right. I basically force him into the car. Yup, he has strep. Simple enough. Now he probably got the whole house sick too. I wont tell you what hapenned when he tried to drink some nyquil, I will leave that story for another day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

one of the hardest parts of being a Mom

Being a Mom is not an easy job.
The part I really hate the most is when someone is sick.
It can be a cough, a cold, or a fever. I hate them all.
Medicines are dispensed, noses are blown, fevers are squashed.
Then there are the upset tummies.

One of my boys has a very sensitive tummy. He eats fried foods, he feels sick. He eats to fast he feels sick. He does not eat enough, you got it, sick again.
Tonight he is up, feeling nauseous and dizzy. He ate his dinner too fast and then had a huge cookie. Most kids would feel fine, not him.

On top of his feeling crummy my new K kiddo is having a rough time going to bed at night. This was the boy who you would tell a story to in his bed, and he would be asleep before 2 minutes were up. Or, we would all be watching tv as a family and we would look down, you got it, he was snoring. All of a sudden, bedtime has become a battleground. He thinks of a million things he did not get to do that day and wants to start crossing them off his long list as soon as bedtime arrives, HUH? Where did my pleasant, fun to be around, easy to fall asleep boy go??? I miss him! Please come back.

I know K is an adjustment, and he also got a new bed, but come on, you need some sleep and you are irritable all day.  You use up all your good behavior in school and then come home like a wild animal.

Enough is enough. Tomorrow we will all hopefully be feeling better and back to normal.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

labor day

Labor day is tomorrow, makes me think back on the 5 labors I had with my kiddos. They each were different yet very similar. It is amazing how few people attempt to give birth without any drugs or epidural.

Somehow I did this 5 times, and yes, some might call me crazy. It is so empowering, a woman is made to give birth to babies.

Let me start off by saying I am really a very boring and not an adventurous person in many areas. I only drink water or milk. No coffee, tea, soda, juice, none. Some days I am so tired and think that a coffee would help, but I have never had one. I do not eat foods that are spicy at all, due to an allergy. And finally I do not take any medicine unless I am really really sick. This goes for my kids too. If the fever is not high, you are not going to get any medicine from me. If the cough is not really bad, you also will have to suffer.

This makes my nautral labor a little easier to understand. I am a very natural girl, do not wear lots of makeup, or color my hair. The gray is starting to show, and that is ok with me. I think my Mom with all grey hair is so beautiful. I want to age gracefully and naturally.

Don't get me wrong, my labors were hard work! It hurt and if I try really hard I can remember each one like it was yesterday. But the precious bundle that was earned after each labor made all the pain worthwhile.

Happy labor day to all who have labored before me, and those who continue to labor.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

So today was the first day of school. My DH who works at home looks forward to this day all summer long. It is hard having conference calls with 5 kids running around, screaming, fighting, and laughing.

We got dressed in our first day of school shirts that are a tradition in our house. Miss D then cried for 10 minutes while we took pictures outside. Then all the boys left in the car with Daddy. And she bawled, screamed, cried some more. It was the saddest sight. She had been home with everyone for 3 months straight, and then they all marched out the door together. I tried to cheer her up with a popsicle, her favorite treat, and that did not even work.  Finally, at least 20 minutes later, she was cheered up, watching Blues Clues, having forgotten that they left. Phew!

The K kid went for only 3 hours today, so it was kind of a short day anyway. He had a great time, except for the kid who spit on him, ugh.
The 3rd grader has been sick for many days but he seemed ok this morning, and luckily he was fine. He also had a great day.
The 6th grader seemed quite happy, except for the 2 page essay he had to write, bummer!
The 8th grader did not like 2 of his 8 teachers. He had homework, but of course left the book at school. At least he admitted he had homework, way better than last year.

We had pizza for our first back to school dinner. That was fun, except that Miss D cried the whole way home, wanting to eat the burning hot pizza right out of the box!
Homework went pretty well and everyone enjoyed the pizza.
Looking forward to a full day tomorrow for everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Views from the Beach

So I am at the end of a weeks vacation with my extended family of 18. I have just barely survived.
18 people in one house is not a great idea. 10 kids, 8 adults, sand, and grouchy kids abound.
The highlights of the week included:

*Fun adult only games at night which were hilarious and included many jokes, laughter and funny stories
*Seeing the grandkids playing together so nicely and getting along
*Watching the kids at the beach, playing in the sand, making new friends, and surfing the waves
*Watching my older kids read to, play games with, and take care of the younger ones

The lowlights of the week:
*Grouchy adults who think they are on vacation and cannot lift a finger
*Grouchy whiny kids who cry and scream at every meal or activity
*Cleaning up after 18 messy eaters
*Getting the sand out of everyone each night and then cleaning the sand off the bathroom floor
*Unpacking, then packing it all up again
*The 3.5 hour drive that included NO sleeping, tons of eating, things flying off the top of the car, and lots of when will we get there?

If my hubby did not like the beach so much I would not go, plain and simple. But he is so happy at the beach so I oblige.  I am gearing up and getting ready for a very long day of packing tomorrow and travelling in the car. I am in need of a lot of strength for my task at hand.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Vacation at the Beach

So I have decided to start a blog. Seems like everyone has one these days. So why not?
We are spending a week at the beach, a family getaway before school starts. And when I say family, I mean all 18 members of my family! The group consists of 10 children and 8 adults.

As if the sand in every crevice was not bad enough. We are all sharing one house and trying to keep everyone safe, happy and fed. This is not an easy task.

Our beach house we are renting is in the Sea Del Estates in Bethany Beach. It is a great gated community of about 50 homes. A private lifeguarded beach is at the end of the block. Across the street from our house is a small tot lot with 4 swings and a climbing structure. The community is very small and quite friendly. The beach is clean, bug free, and empty. What more could I ask for?

I am married to a man who would give up our home and live in a hut on a beach for the rest of his life, I am not kidding. He loves being outdoors, playing in the sand, surfing the waves all day. He does not notice half a day has gone by, he is in heaven being at the beach. My boys also love the beach, playing with Daddy all day, making castles, heaven.

Our baby girl, almost 2 years old, is not a fan of the beach. Her big toe touched the sand, and the screams she let out, you would have thought she had been tortured. I can wear her in my Ergo backpack and she stays far away from the sand and water and she is happy, but dont get her near that beach alone. Just don't do it!!

Yesterday 3 of the 4 boys spent the whole day at the beach. I begged them to come home and eat lunch on the porch and they begrudgingly came back for a short time. As soon as the meal was over, back they went. We were busy cleaning up and preparing dinner when I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:00. I put baby girl in the Ergo and walked to the beach to reclaim the rest of the family. Come on Mom, do we have to go home??? Yes, you have been there all day!

They slowly packed up and came home. Shells were collected and washed in the hose. Bathing suits were washed and the eating began. 4 bowls of spaghetti later they were feeling full. Then the aches and pains began. My teenager said his lungs felt like they were full of ocean water, his back was killing him and the sunburn, oh lordy! He was a mess.

Laundry, dishes, cleanup, showers, brush teeth, stories and little ones to bed. The older kids and all the adults played a game of Cranium Hoopla. This game is hard! We did have lots of laughs. You are supposed to act, draw, rhyme, all your cards before the 15 minute timer goes off, but we were not even close. The partini game we played the night before was more fun.

I hope to share many of the funny stories that occur to our family of 7. I also will include some of our favorite toys, cakes, recipes, photos and more! Thanks for reading!