Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Vacation at the Beach

So I have decided to start a blog. Seems like everyone has one these days. So why not?
We are spending a week at the beach, a family getaway before school starts. And when I say family, I mean all 18 members of my family! The group consists of 10 children and 8 adults.

As if the sand in every crevice was not bad enough. We are all sharing one house and trying to keep everyone safe, happy and fed. This is not an easy task.

Our beach house we are renting is in the Sea Del Estates in Bethany Beach. It is a great gated community of about 50 homes. A private lifeguarded beach is at the end of the block. Across the street from our house is a small tot lot with 4 swings and a climbing structure. The community is very small and quite friendly. The beach is clean, bug free, and empty. What more could I ask for?

I am married to a man who would give up our home and live in a hut on a beach for the rest of his life, I am not kidding. He loves being outdoors, playing in the sand, surfing the waves all day. He does not notice half a day has gone by, he is in heaven being at the beach. My boys also love the beach, playing with Daddy all day, making castles, heaven.

Our baby girl, almost 2 years old, is not a fan of the beach. Her big toe touched the sand, and the screams she let out, you would have thought she had been tortured. I can wear her in my Ergo backpack and she stays far away from the sand and water and she is happy, but dont get her near that beach alone. Just don't do it!!

Yesterday 3 of the 4 boys spent the whole day at the beach. I begged them to come home and eat lunch on the porch and they begrudgingly came back for a short time. As soon as the meal was over, back they went. We were busy cleaning up and preparing dinner when I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:00. I put baby girl in the Ergo and walked to the beach to reclaim the rest of the family. Come on Mom, do we have to go home??? Yes, you have been there all day!

They slowly packed up and came home. Shells were collected and washed in the hose. Bathing suits were washed and the eating began. 4 bowls of spaghetti later they were feeling full. Then the aches and pains began. My teenager said his lungs felt like they were full of ocean water, his back was killing him and the sunburn, oh lordy! He was a mess.

Laundry, dishes, cleanup, showers, brush teeth, stories and little ones to bed. The older kids and all the adults played a game of Cranium Hoopla. This game is hard! We did have lots of laughs. You are supposed to act, draw, rhyme, all your cards before the 15 minute timer goes off, but we were not even close. The partini game we played the night before was more fun.

I hope to share many of the funny stories that occur to our family of 7. I also will include some of our favorite toys, cakes, recipes, photos and more! Thanks for reading!

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