Thursday, August 27, 2009

Views from the Beach

So I am at the end of a weeks vacation with my extended family of 18. I have just barely survived.
18 people in one house is not a great idea. 10 kids, 8 adults, sand, and grouchy kids abound.
The highlights of the week included:

*Fun adult only games at night which were hilarious and included many jokes, laughter and funny stories
*Seeing the grandkids playing together so nicely and getting along
*Watching the kids at the beach, playing in the sand, making new friends, and surfing the waves
*Watching my older kids read to, play games with, and take care of the younger ones

The lowlights of the week:
*Grouchy adults who think they are on vacation and cannot lift a finger
*Grouchy whiny kids who cry and scream at every meal or activity
*Cleaning up after 18 messy eaters
*Getting the sand out of everyone each night and then cleaning the sand off the bathroom floor
*Unpacking, then packing it all up again
*The 3.5 hour drive that included NO sleeping, tons of eating, things flying off the top of the car, and lots of when will we get there?

If my hubby did not like the beach so much I would not go, plain and simple. But he is so happy at the beach so I oblige.  I am gearing up and getting ready for a very long day of packing tomorrow and travelling in the car. I am in need of a lot of strength for my task at hand.

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