Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alex's Birthday

Where have the past 11 years gone? I cannot believe Alex is 11 tomorrow. He is such a great kid, brilliant, sweet, and just a bit feisty.

I remember the day he was born quite well. His older brother, Joey, was 2.5 and in preschool. My DH and I went to pick up Joey at the end of preschool, right around lunchtime. I was due with Alex in a week. We argued as we pulled up as to which parking space to park the car in. My DH told me to stop telling him what to do, he was perfectly capable of choosing a good parking space. Ok, I relented, secretly thinking that I would have parked somewhere else.

DH got a cell phone call and I went into the school to get Joey. When I came out there is total chaos. Apparently another Mom, had driven recklessly through the parking lot, and ran over the sidewalk, into trees and flower, missing some children just barely. The scariest part, she hit 3 cars, right where I HAD WANTED TO PARK! I was so freaked out, we could have been hit, or our car would have been hit, or Joey could have been hit.

Yup, the contractions began, and got stronger and stronger. This crazy event put me right into labor. Labor continued and we drove right to my parents house 30 minutes away. We stayed there a very short time, then drove right to the hospital where I was also born.

Alex was a very sweet baby. Joey was jealous of him right from the start.

Alex loves to read. He reads with passion. He tells me all about each book as he finishes it. Alex loves to read series of books so that the story can continue. Alex can easily read a 400 page book in a weekend.
Alex also loves video games, and cooking.
Alex is turning into a lovely teen right before my eyes.
I love that Alex did not want to go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday , he wanted a home cooked meal by me.
I love you Alex.

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