Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

So today was the first day of school. My DH who works at home looks forward to this day all summer long. It is hard having conference calls with 5 kids running around, screaming, fighting, and laughing.

We got dressed in our first day of school shirts that are a tradition in our house. Miss D then cried for 10 minutes while we took pictures outside. Then all the boys left in the car with Daddy. And she bawled, screamed, cried some more. It was the saddest sight. She had been home with everyone for 3 months straight, and then they all marched out the door together. I tried to cheer her up with a popsicle, her favorite treat, and that did not even work.  Finally, at least 20 minutes later, she was cheered up, watching Blues Clues, having forgotten that they left. Phew!

The K kid went for only 3 hours today, so it was kind of a short day anyway. He had a great time, except for the kid who spit on him, ugh.
The 3rd grader has been sick for many days but he seemed ok this morning, and luckily he was fine. He also had a great day.
The 6th grader seemed quite happy, except for the 2 page essay he had to write, bummer!
The 8th grader did not like 2 of his 8 teachers. He had homework, but of course left the book at school. At least he admitted he had homework, way better than last year.

We had pizza for our first back to school dinner. That was fun, except that Miss D cried the whole way home, wanting to eat the burning hot pizza right out of the box!
Homework went pretty well and everyone enjoyed the pizza.
Looking forward to a full day tomorrow for everyone!

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