Sunday, September 6, 2009

labor day

Labor day is tomorrow, makes me think back on the 5 labors I had with my kiddos. They each were different yet very similar. It is amazing how few people attempt to give birth without any drugs or epidural.

Somehow I did this 5 times, and yes, some might call me crazy. It is so empowering, a woman is made to give birth to babies.

Let me start off by saying I am really a very boring and not an adventurous person in many areas. I only drink water or milk. No coffee, tea, soda, juice, none. Some days I am so tired and think that a coffee would help, but I have never had one. I do not eat foods that are spicy at all, due to an allergy. And finally I do not take any medicine unless I am really really sick. This goes for my kids too. If the fever is not high, you are not going to get any medicine from me. If the cough is not really bad, you also will have to suffer.

This makes my nautral labor a little easier to understand. I am a very natural girl, do not wear lots of makeup, or color my hair. The gray is starting to show, and that is ok with me. I think my Mom with all grey hair is so beautiful. I want to age gracefully and naturally.

Don't get me wrong, my labors were hard work! It hurt and if I try really hard I can remember each one like it was yesterday. But the precious bundle that was earned after each labor made all the pain worthwhile.

Happy labor day to all who have labored before me, and those who continue to labor.

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