Friday, September 11, 2009

more on sickness

Well my 13 year old is sick. This is causing the entire house to be on edge and out of whack. When J is sick we all suffer, and do I mean suffer.

Lets start at the beginning. Joey felt fine yesterday, went on a bike ride after school, ate 3 pieces of pizza, did his homework. Normal day. Then went to bed, all normal.

J wakes up this morning, comes downstairs coughing, saying his throat hurts. I say, does it hurt like a strep throat. No he answers. Then he tells me a long story, that while he was brushing his teeth, he by accident squirted the water pick at his throat and since then his throat has been hurting very badly. He ate half a bagel and seemed pretty normal. Off to school he went.

No calls from the nurse(which he did almost weekly last year, for every hangnail, headache, or bump). My husband picks him up and he is hysterical, crying, completely out of control. I am on speakerphone listening and I am horrified. He says he felt terrible all day. Uh, why did you not go to the nurse? He says he was awake all night the night before with a sore throat, uh did you forget to say that this morning?? And he did not eat or drink all day. I tell him that he should go right to the drs office before they close. He starts to cry and scream more, no doctor, I am fine. You are fine, yeah right, and I am the queen of scotland.

So I hang up and call the dr and they say he can come in asap. J comes home, coughs all over everyone, spits all over, blows his nose and snot goes flying, and then says he is still not going to the dr. Yeah right. I basically force him into the car. Yup, he has strep. Simple enough. Now he probably got the whole house sick too. I wont tell you what hapenned when he tried to drink some nyquil, I will leave that story for another day.

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