Wednesday, September 9, 2009

one of the hardest parts of being a Mom

Being a Mom is not an easy job.
The part I really hate the most is when someone is sick.
It can be a cough, a cold, or a fever. I hate them all.
Medicines are dispensed, noses are blown, fevers are squashed.
Then there are the upset tummies.

One of my boys has a very sensitive tummy. He eats fried foods, he feels sick. He eats to fast he feels sick. He does not eat enough, you got it, sick again.
Tonight he is up, feeling nauseous and dizzy. He ate his dinner too fast and then had a huge cookie. Most kids would feel fine, not him.

On top of his feeling crummy my new K kiddo is having a rough time going to bed at night. This was the boy who you would tell a story to in his bed, and he would be asleep before 2 minutes were up. Or, we would all be watching tv as a family and we would look down, you got it, he was snoring. All of a sudden, bedtime has become a battleground. He thinks of a million things he did not get to do that day and wants to start crossing them off his long list as soon as bedtime arrives, HUH? Where did my pleasant, fun to be around, easy to fall asleep boy go??? I miss him! Please come back.

I know K is an adjustment, and he also got a new bed, but come on, you need some sleep and you are irritable all day.  You use up all your good behavior in school and then come home like a wild animal.

Enough is enough. Tomorrow we will all hopefully be feeling better and back to normal.

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